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Ethical In-House RecruitingYour Specialist From Pasadena And LA

Our recruiting is dependable and on target

Our product is diligence, which is why our recruiting team achieves a remarkable 99 percent show rate. Contact the team of House of Marketing Research in the Los Angeles County when it comes to ethical in-house recruiting and let us show you the benefits of our meticulous, three-step validation process:

  • 100 percent validation of all recruits
  • Written confirmation sent to every recruit
  • Re-sourcing of all recruits at our facility before each group session

Our recruiting is dependable and on target. We ensure that each and every recruit meets your specifications, thereby protecting the integrity of the data collected. Our extensive database, which is continually refreshed, is compromised of respondents who are representatives of the overall U.S. population.

Recruiting Services By HMR In Pasadena In Los Angeles County

We have a diverse database of different demographics including kids, teens, seniors, professionals, medical people, Asian, Caucasians, etc.

It can be broken down to very specific demographics – just get in touch with the experts of HMR located in Pasadena and beyond! We are your partner when it comes to ethical in-house recruiting.

Are you interested in our services? Please call us or use our contact form – we look forward to helping you soon!